EBONYI STATE, NIGERIA

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Missionary daughters of Mater Ecclesiae is a religious community of women dedicated to active apostolate in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the promotion of Catholic faith through commitment to catechesis for the salvation of souls. We are religious women who are deeply in love with our rich Catholic Faith  and we have chosen to dedicate our lives for the promotion and protection of our rich Catholic Heritage so that others will be renewed in the faith.


To re-awaken in our lives the zealous commitment to the promotion and protection of the Catholic Faith and Moral values as well as zealous dedication to the service of mentally and physically challenged as well as abandoned epileptic members of mystical body of Christ. 


The spirit of the Missionary daughters of Mater Ecclesiae is the zealous reverence of God who is present in the  Catholic church and in all created beings. Such reverence disposes our souls to our congregation's three core values: HUMILITY, HONESTY,  AND HOLINESS [HHH].


The vision of this religious family is the evangelization of the world through renewed zeal in the promotion and protection of our rich Catholic Faith and Moral values. It also calls for acceptance and care through physical and spiritual empowerment of the poor and the challenged members of the mystical body of Christ.


Our mission is to share in the mission of Christ who devoted His time in teaching about the kingdom of God, doing good to people especially the poor and the needy.